Upgrade Instance to a Larger Instance Type

  1. Login to your AWS console. In "Services" select "EC2" and navigate to "Instances" > "Instances" in the left sidebar. You should see a list of all your instances in the current region, similar to this: Select the instance you want to upgrade. Double check IP address to verify that you're upgrading correct node from correct network

  2. Click "Actions", from dropdown select "Instance State" > "Stop" Confirm the instance you want to stop.

  3. Wait until "Instance state" changes to "stopped", then click "Actions" and select "Instance settings" > "Change instance type" Select the new instance type (e.g. t2.xlarge) Click OK to confirm.

  4. Check that value in "Instance type" column on the instances list was updated|

  5. Click "Actions", then "Instance state" > "Start"

  6. Wait until "Instance state" changes to "running". Also check in netstat dashboard (sokol netstat/core netstat) that your node is green and catching up. This may take some time to settle down.

  7. Back to AWS page, it is important that After upgrade your node's public IP address will change. You should note and save the new IP address in "IPv4 Public IP" column.

  8. Login to your node via ssh, e.g.

ssh root@

9. Edit parity configuration file to update your public ip address. To do this open file in your favourite text editor (e.g. nano)

nano /home/validator/node.toml

Search for a row similar to

nat = "extip:"

change IP address in this line to a new one, e.g.

nat = "extip:"

Save and exit text editor (for nano, press CTRL+X then y).

10. Restart parity and netstats

sudo systemctl restart poa-parity

Restart netstats

sudo systemctl restart poa-netstats

11. Check again that your node is green in netstats.

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