Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

POA20 can be used with DeFi applications on the Ethereum Mainnet

While POA resides on the POA Network, most large-scale decentralized finance applications are only accessible on the Ethereum mainnet. To access these services, POA can be bridged to POA20 and used on the mainnet.

DeFi Use Case: POA20 as Loan Collateral on EthLend

EthLend has moved to the Aave platform at POA20 is not currently included in their token list, but we will continue to monitor this and other loan collateral services for POA20 compatibility. In the meantime, DEXs (decentralized exchanges) like Uniswap and Bancor & DEX aggregators like 1inch Exchange & Dex.AG offer exchange capabilities for POA20.

EthLend is a crypto-lending marketplace where users can provide one asset as collateral and receive another asset as a loan. POA20 can be used as a collateral token to receive a loan in Ether, Dai, or another token you would like to borrow.

A user can select the loan duration and interest payments, then track the loan through the dashboard. See the tutorial below for information on how to setup and account and initiate a loan with POA20.

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