Install OpenEthereum Client

Note: While OE still works fine with POA network, it will be deprecated in the future. Nethermind is the recommended client for new installations.


1) Download OpenEthereum

You can build from source or download binary release, see the official OpenEthereum Releases Page. Please use OpenEthereum version 3.2.6).

After downloading, you need to perform the command chmod +x openethereum to be able to run the binary.

2) Once OpenEthereum is Installed, Connect and Sync with POA

POA Core

openethereum --chain poacore --no-warp


openethereum --chain poasokol --no-warp


--no-warp flag is optional: more information.

Setting specific bootnodes

If you would like to limit or choose specific bootnodes, you can obtain the bootnodes.txt file from POA github. Enter all supplied enodes for the desired network separated by a comma, no space POA Core

git clone -b core
openethereum --chain poacore --bootnodes enode://ENODE@IP:PORT,enode://ENODE@IP:PORT

POA Sokol

git clone -b sokol
openethereum --chain poasokol --bootnodes enode://ENODE@IP:PORT,enode://ENODE@IP:PORT

3) Connect to your Node

You can use Ethereum's JSON-RPC or a JavaScript console.

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