Making a Payment with POA20 (Customer Perspective)

Example use case when receiving an POS invoice using Nifty Wallet.

To pay using POA20, a wallet that supports POA20 along with the required amount of POA20 is needed. Depending on the method (web button, ecommerce plugin or in-person POS) the interaction will vary.

In this example, an in-person request for payment is received. Nifty Wallet is used to complete the payment.

1) Receive payment request.Open Nifty Wallet, connect to the Ethereum Mainnet, and click on the dots next to the POA20 token. This will open a second menu. Click Send.

2) Enter in the payment address and POA20 amount from the POS invoice. If using a different wallet, it is possible to scan in QR code, however, you will still enter in the payment amount.

  • 1) Payment Address: 0x537d98e610c9bf1e95f77337e8a244c7cf0f14da

  • 2) Payment Amount: 5.23206000

  • 3) Click Next

3) Click Submit to complete the wallet transaction. It will be confirmed in your wallet before it is confirmed through Coinpayments.

4) The Payment Status page for this request will auto-refresh every 60 second, however the transaction may take some time to post here. If your transaction is viewable in a block explorer, you can be confident that the payment has gone through.

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