Decentralized apps (DApps)

The term decentralized app or DApp stands for an application which works with a smart contract and can be deployed on any host and redeployed in case of attack or censorship without any harm to its functions. POA Network provides sets of supported DApps for identity verification, governance, and network administration.

Proof of Identity DApps

In POA Network, identity of individual validators plays a major role for selected consensus. We propose a requirement for the initial validators to have an active notary commission within one of the states of the United States, although notary commission is not an object a validator can control solely. A regulator, e.g. a Secretary of State, may revoke notarial license from a validator, and we propose additional checks of identity, performed in a decentralized way.

Proof of Identity DApps is a series of decentralized applications focused on connecting a user's identity to his/her wallet. Applications can be run on any Ethereum-compatible network.

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