Stable Token

Reliable token for stable transactions and payments

Type: Stable Token

Function: Stable currencies remove volatility from payments. Senders and receivers know the value of the token won't change, so services and goods can be reliably exchanged.

Use Cases: Users can choose to create stable coins by providing an amount of volatile tokens as collateral. This newly created stable coin can then be used for peer-to-peer payments, standardized services, or even invoking smart contract methods.

What is Possible? It is possible to convert a number of volatile tokens into stable tokens! Volatile assets like POA can be provided as collateral and the newly minted stable coin can be pegged to an asset like the US Dollar. Users can decide whether or not to convert some amount of their volatile assets into stable ones on the network.

Services like the Peg Network make this vision a reality, and may be implemented soon for POA.

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