POA Mania on Trust Wallet

POA Mania is now optimized for mobile

You can access POA Mania with a mobile device web browser connected to a web3 wallet, or use a POA supported mobile wallet. Here, we use Trust Wallet to connect to the POA Network and deposit POA into POA Mania.

See our Trust Wallet post for more info on TW.

Getting Started

1) Open your Trust Multi-coin wallet. POA is supported natively in Trust Wallet! If you don't see the POA Icon, press the + button in the upper-right hand corner, search for POA and toggle on. POA Network is now visible in your wallet. You can also create a new multi-coin wallet or import an existing wallet if you prefer. If you don't have POA coins in this wallet, you can send POA to this wallet address as you normally would (see resources for basic trust wallet features).

2) Use the Browser icon (1) to navigate to (2) poamania.com.

3) Switch to the POA Network (if needed)

If using a multi-coin wallet, the Ethereum network may be selected by default. To change, click on the icon in the upper-right hand corner and select POA Network from the dropdown list.

4) Click Connect Wallet. You will see your Account address along with any POA Balance you have.

5) Scroll down and click Deposit. Enter in an amount between 100 (minimum) and 50,000 (max) POA and click Deposit.

6) Confirm info and click Send to process the transaction in Trust Wallet.

7) Transaction sent and mined - click the link to check on BlockScout.

You are now entered! You will see your deposit amount and your share of the total pot.

8) Each day a participant can close a round (the button appears when a round is complete). When this happens, 3 addresses are drawn as winners. To withdraw, follow a similar process to above but instead of Deposit click Withdraw. See other POA Mania topics for more info.

You can check previous winners in the winners tab and receive daily updates by following PoaMania on twitter.


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