Scalability for BlockChain Games

POA Network provides optimal conditions for game development and play

POA Network provides an irresistible scalability solution for Ethereum DApps and developers. A consistent, high-performance environment means 5 second block times, 60 transactions per seconds, and a minimal gas price of 5 Gwei. This is ideal for game development and user experience.

In addition to favorable network conditions, TokenBridge functionality provides the ability to move game tokens to and from the POA network. This is a "game-changer", and several games (see Everdragons and Clovers below) are taking advantage of this feature to provide fast, cheap gameplay on POA Network, while moving tokens across the bridge to access the larger Ethereum user base for marketplace functionality.

"OG" games built on POA:

  • Doperaider: Produce, trade and raid dope on the blockchain!

  • Everdragons: Collect unique Everdragons, level them up and let them compete against others

POA Games Fund Games:

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