ERC20 Test Token Faucet

Create ERC20 FAU tokens on POA to test smart contracts and token transfer functionality

The ERC20 Token Faucet by peppersec provides a sleek and easy interface for ERC20 test token creation.

The faucet can quickly generate any number of FAU (FAUCET) tokens directly from a web interface. These tokens are then available for developers to test smart contract applications and any other token transfer functionality.


  • Network wallet address loaded with enough native currency (POA) to cover the transaction.

  • Web3 wallet interface such as MetaMask or NiftyWallet. In this tutorial we use NiftyWallet.

ERC20 Token Faucet can also be used with Portis or Squarelink.


1) Go to Check that your web3 wallet (ie NiftyWallet) is connected to the POA network. If you change this after step 3, you will need to reconnect.

2) Click Connect.

3) Select Metamask.

4) Once selected, the web interface will populate with your Address, Network and Balance information.

  • 1) Select the Amount of tokens you would like to create.

  • 2) Click the Mint Free Tokens button.

4) Your web3 wallet interface should open. Check the transaction and click Submit to confirm. You will see a Success message if the transaction is successful.

5) The tokens have been minted on your address! To view them, you will need to add the Token Address to your wallet.

  • A) Copy the Token Address, open your NiftyWallet, and click Add Token in the Tokens tab.

  • B) Select the Custom tab, and paste in the Token Address from the website. The Token Symbol and Decimals should populate automatically. Click Add.

  • C) You should see your new FAU balance in the wallet. (Note there are 16 FAU tokens due to a previous balance of 11, and 5 were added through this transaction.)

To mint FAU tokens on another network, such as the xDai Chain, simply switch the network you are connected to in your web3 wallet, and follow the process above.

Quick Video

This video shows the steps above using the POA network as a demo and a previous version of the ERC20 Token Faucet.

Instruction originally appeared on the POA forum

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