Validators MetaData DApp

The Metadata app shows the validator's address and notary information for cross-verification purposes.

View Current Network Validators

To see current validators along with their Notary information, visit In the Network Dropdown menu, select POA Core.

For Validators: Update Metadata

1) In MetaMask connect to the RPC endpoint of the required network:

2) Select your Voting Key in MetaMask.

You must have a small amount of POA on your Voting Key to submit a transaction. During the initial ceremony, you should have received 0.1 POA on your Initial Key and can transfer it to Voting Key.

3) Open URL

4) Go to the SET METADATA page.

5) Fill all the required fields with your contact details and license info

6) Double-check the data you've provided.

7) Double-check in MetaMask that you've selected your Voting Key and you're on the required network.

8) Press SET METADATA button at the bottom of the page.

9) Confirm transaction in MetaMask and wait until the transaction is mined.

10) Open the PENDING CHANGES tab and verify your data in the list.

11) Ask fellow validators to confirm and finalize your request. The metadata-change request needs at least 2 confirmations by different validators and can then be finalized by any validator including yourself. Finalizing a request commits changes to the network.

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