Current Validators Vote in New Validators

After the initial ceremony stage, it's time for the initial set of validators to vote in new validators using the POA Voting Dapp. One validator will create a Ballot for each of the needed keys to participate and each validator will cast their own vote minus the MoC, who is not allowed to vote on consensus level. It has been agreed upon by the POA network that the next stage would end with 25 Validators on the Core network. This number may change in the future and can have any amount one desires, this would likely be proposed by a ballot to increase.

Before the ballot can be proposed, the applicant needs to generate 3 separate key pairs with passwords & JSON keyfiles. There is a very simple method of doing this, see below. 1. Simply go to this URL in your browser to generate 3 key/pass pairs with needed keyfiles.

ATTENTION: This next part is VERY important and must be done correctly in order to be able to participate in the consensus immediately, follow directions below BEFORE closing out of the browser window.

Open up a Notepad and copy required info as follows:

  • Click the Copy Button next to each Address. Mining, Payout, Voting. Paste them separately in the Notepad.

  • Click the Copy Button next to each Password, matching to resulting address in the Notepad. Mining, Payout, Voting.

  • Finally, Click Button to download the JSON Keystore files for each key and keep the Notepad file & all 3 keys + initial key somewhere safe.

Preferred method to store the keyfiles and information is to store on an encrypted drive. e.g. usb drive. If you go this route, please do not forget your password for the encryption as you will lose your data and will have to get your old keys voted out and new ones voted in if any issue happens with the validator's node.

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