Getting Started

Instructions for new POA Network validator candidates

A new potential POA Network validator begins as a validator candidate. See POADAO Consensus to understand the duties and responsibilities required of a validator before proceeding.

1) To begin the process, create an initial profile on the forum. Here, you will introduce yourself, describe your interest in the network and in becoming a validator, and include relevant details and links. Please see other candidate profiles as a reference.

2) After some discussion with other validators, you may be asked to start by deploying and running a bootnode on the Sokol test network, and keeping up with network upgrades. This is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with networking demands and the ecosystem as a whole.

3) If you are successful on Sokol, you will be eligible to join the POA core network. Requirements to keep in mind:

  • US public notary with current, valid license.

  • Actively participated in on-chain Governance on Sokol testnet (this means participating in discussions in telegram/forum and participating in on-chain voting as needed)

4) To join, you must be nominated by a current validator. A validator will create a ballot to add you as a new core validator, and the current validators will vote to accept or deny your nomination. Acceptance is based on the consensus threshold set within the protocol.

5) Once accepted, you will follow the Validator Node Deployment protocol to setup your node

See the Validators Guide for info on current validators, average length of time from starting on Sokol to POA Core and other info:

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