Swap General Info

Swap is expired. POA tokens are still used on the POA network for gas, however there are no value-based emissions or rewards.

Some users have been sending STAKE directly from the xDai chain to Huobi or Gate exchanges. DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TOKENS!


Swap Details

Swaps are available at a set price of 466.6163443 POA per 1 STAKE. This price was derived using a TWAP (Time-weighted Average Price) for the 2 tokens between October 21, 2021 and November 3, 2021.

The swap program will be active with the same terms for 6 months, starting on November 4, 2021 and ending on May 5, 2022. POA holders will have the opportunity to swap at any time during this period without changes to the set price. Swaps are 1 way, there is no ability to swap STAKE back to WPOA through the application.

During the 6 month swapping window, POA users may continue to earn rewards on POA Mania on the POA Network. However, on May 5, 2022, POA rewards will stop for POA Mania players and swapping will no longer be available.

Following emission & swapping cessation, POA network will continue to function in an important stress-testing capacity for users and developers. Client upgrades, testing, and experimentation will be conducted on POA prior to deployment on xDai or other chains using the POA network.

xDai Overview & Token Details

POA holders will transfer POA to the xDai network, where it can be swapped for STAKE.

The xDai network provides a full-featured ecosystem with many tools POA users know (BlockScout, bridges) along with additional applications, DEXs, lending, games, and much more. The xDai community welcomes the expertise and experience of POA users and developers to the xDai chain.

STAKE (as the name implies) is the staking token on xDai. With POSDAO staking, stakers can delegate stake to validators and earn rewards for helping protect the chain. STAKE is also used for voting on proposals. The community is active in proposal creation, discussion, and voting.

STAKE is a popular token used throughout the xDai ecosystem including various DeFi platforms, and can be bridged to and from Ethereum Mainnet as well as other chains easily with the OmniBridge application. On Ethereum, STAKE has additional applications, including the ability for users to stake and earn rewards through the EasyStaking application.

-> Learn more about STAKE here.

-> Questions about the merger? Ask in the xDai discord poa channel.

STAKE on Exchanges:

Ascendex supports direct deposits and withdrawals of STAKE on xDai. To use with other exchanges, users can bridge tokens with the OmniBridge to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Decentralized options for STAKE on xDai include Sushiswap, Honeyswap, Swapr and many more. See the complete list.

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