How to Swap

Swap is expired. POA tokens are still used on the POA network for gas, however there are no value-based emissions or rewards.

Some users have been sending STAKE directly from the xDai chain to Huobi or Gate exchanges. DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TOKENS!


If you want to use other exchanges, you need to Bridge STAKE to Ethereum first. This can be costly (Eth gas fees) so plan accordingly.


The video starts with a POA withdrawal from Binance. If you already have your POA tokens on an address, you can skip to minute 2:45 or so. The instructions use MetaMask, which is the recommended solution. Trust Wallet is not recommended, and we do not provide support for Trust Wallet issues. If needed, send funds from Trust Wallet to MetaMask to get started.

Swap Instructions

Swapping from POA on POA Network to STAKE on xDai is a 2 step process. Steps detailed below.

  1. Bridge POA from the POA Network to the xDai Network using the OmniBridge. During bridging, POA is converted to WPOA (wrapped POA) on the xDai chain.​

  2. WPOA on xDai is swapped for STAKE on xDai using the swap application.

We recommend running through this process the first time using a small amount of POA (like 1-5 POA). Gas prices between POA and xDai are very inexpensive, so it is worth it do a test run first to understand and make sure everything works.

1. Bridge POA to WPOA on xDai

Do you need to withdraw your POA tokens from Binance or are you having other issues? See the FAQs

1) Connect and Initiate Bridge Transaction

Best option is to use MetaMask, these instructions do not support TrustWallet. The easiest way to start is to create a MetaMask account and send funds to that account from Trustwallet to complete the swap.

  1. Connect your web3 wallet (in this example we use MetaMask) to the POA Network. If you need to add POA Network to MetaMask custom networks, instructions are here. You can also go to to add the POA network.

    Select the POA-XDAI Bridge in the bridge selector dropdown.

  2. Enter the amount of POA you want to bridge to WPOA. Note you need to reserve a very small amount to pay for gas.

  3. Wrapped POA (WPOA) you will receive on xDai. 3 and 4 should match.

Click Transfer to start. (note: this will transfer to your same wallet address on the xDai chain. If you want to send to a different address on the xDai chain, you can use the Advanced feature. Be sure to triple check if you choose this option, as funds sent to the wrong address may not be recoverable).

2) Continue Transfer

3) Confirm in MetaMask

4) Wait for Confirmation

You can view progress on the ALM monitor. The transfer should only take a few minutes to process between POA Network and the xDai Chain.

5) Add Balance to xDai Wallet (optional)

The following processes detail adding WPOA to your wallet. You can also confirm the transfer in Blockscout by pasting your address in the search bar and checking your tokens balance.If you don't want to add WPOA to view in your wallet, skip to section 2 swap WPOA to STAKE.Here we use Metamask as an example.

  1. Switch to the xDai Network (How to add xDai network to your MetaMask)

  2. Go to Assets

  3. Press Import Tokens

  1. Add the WPOA Token Contract Address 0x9fe3864F9Ae7cfb5668Dae90C0e20c4C3D437664The remaining info should autopopulate.

  2. Press Add Custom Token.

You should now see WPOA along with your balance.

  1. Press Import Tokens to finalize

  2. You will now see the amount of WPOA in your balance

2. Swap WPOA to STAKE on the xDai Network

1) Go to swap application at

Press Connect wallet.

2) Select your wallet application of choice.

In this example we use MetaMask connected to the xDai Chain. Note you must have MetaMask enabled in your extensions to see this option.

3) Select xDai chain from the dropdown menu.

4) Enter the amount you want to swap, or Convert All to swap all.

You will need a small amount of xDai to process the transaction. You can get some at the community faucet at

5) Confirm the Transaction in MetaMask

6) Transaction is initiated and should be completed shortly.

From this final screen you can:

  1. View progress in BlockScout: Click Check the status here to see swap progress.

  2. Add STAKE to MetaMask: Click to add the STAKE token to your MetaMask wallet.

What can I do with my STAKE once I swap?

Once you receive STAKE on xDai from the swap, there are many options. Checkout the stake token website for details at

  1. Send to ASCENDEX. This is the ONLY CEX (Centralized Exchange) that supports STAKE on xDai.

  2. Stake it on POSDAO. If you have more than 200 Stake, you can use the staking application to stake it on POSDAO and earn rewards as a delegator.

  3. Farm it on DEXs: You can lock stake into various protocols (you may also need another token to lock a pair of pool assets) and earn farming rewards. Examples include Agave, Sushiswap, Honeyswap, Swapr and more.

  4. Trade it for other tokens: Use the same DEXs on xDai to trade STAKE.

  5. Bridge to Ethereum: You can bridge STAKE to Ethereum using the Omnibridge. Once on Ethereum, you can trade, send to supported CEXs, or stake on Easystaking.

If you trade STAKE for other tokens on xDai, DO NOT send them directly to your CEX wallet or you can lose access. You will still need to bridge them to Ethereum before sending to an Ethereum-supported CEX.

Additional Details from BlockScout

WPOA to STAKE Swap Contract on xDai:

WPOA Address on xDai:

STAKE Address on xDai:

BlockScout Tx of example WPOA to STAKE swap:

If you are having difficulties, see the FAQs

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