POA20 Swap
POA20 is POA on Ethereum. Previously, POA20 was transferred between POA Network and Ethereum using the POA bridge. However, this bridge is no longer operational, and POA20 can be swapped for STAKE on Ethereum using the swap application. There is no longer a way to swap POA to POA20 or vice versa.
Gas fees on Ethereum can be quite high when performing a swap ($50.00+ for 2 transactions). Check that it makes sense to swap your amount, and check gas prices for the best times to swap.

2. Swap POA to STAKE on the Ethereum Network

1) Go to swap application at https://poa-to-stake.poa.network/

Press Connect wallet.

2) Select your wallet application of choice.

In this example we use MetaMask connected to the xDai Chain. Note you must have MetaMask enabled in your extensions to see this option.

3) Select Ethereum Network from the Dropdown.

You will need Ethereum to pay for transaction fees for this swap.

4) Enter the amount you want to swap, or Convert All to swap all.

5) Confirm Transaction 1 in MetaMask

This transaction allows the contract to interact with your POA20

6) Confirm Transaction 2 in MetaMask

This transaction pays gas fees for the swap. Note this is the max fee price, your fees may be lower depending on network conditions.

7) Transaction is initiated and should be completed shortly.

From this final screen you can:
  1. 1.
    View progress in Etherscan: Click Check the status here to see swap progress.
  2. 2.
    Add STAKE to MetaMask: Click to add the STAKE token to your MetaMask wallet.
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