Swap is expired. POA tokens are still used on the POA network for gas, however there are no value-based emissions or rewards.

Some users have been sending STAKE or other tokens directly from the xDai chain to Huobi, Binance or Gate exchanges. DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TOKENS!


If you want to use other exchanges, you need to Bridge STAKE to Ethereum first. This can be costly (Eth gas fees) so plan accordingly.

We will continue to add questions/answers here as they arise. If you have an immediate concern, contact us in the discord poa channel.

I can't see my POA in my wallet

Likely you are not connected to the POA network.Ethereum and POA Network externally owned addresses can co-exist on multiple chains. Switch the network to Mainnet to see tokens on Ethereum, and switch to POA Network to see tokens on POA (or xDai to see your balances on the xDai chain).To switch networks in MetaMask, click on the Network dropdown to select. Note that POA and xDai are not native to MetaMask, so you will need to add them as custom networks. Instructions are below.

How do I add POA Network to MetaMask?

How do I add xDai Network to MetaMask

Same as above, you can add at https://chainlist.org/ or follow the instructions on xdaichain.com

I'm having trouble moving POA out of Binance

You can withdraw POA from Binance and send it to an external address that you control on the POA Network (an 0x wallet address that you have access to).Once it is on POA, follow the swap process outlined here.

Withdraw from Binance

1) Download and install MetaMask.

2) Add the POA Network. You can visit https://chainlist.org/ to add.

3) Login to Binance and click Withdraw, withdraw crypto.

  1. Select the POA Network Coin

  2. Copy your wallet address from MetaMask

  3. Paste into Address field

  4. Select POA Network <see 2nd screenshot>


4) Continue by adding amount of POA and press Withdraw. Press Continue to proceed.

5) Verify security and Submit.

6) Once confirmed, you will see the new amount of POA transferred to your address. Make sure your MetaMask is set to the POA Network to view. You can now proceed with the swap.

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What is the current POA price?

Valuations in your wallet may differ from what you receive when swapping. The rate for the swap is 466.6163443 POA per 1 STAKE, so the actual valuation is based on this rate.

Binance was responsible for nearly 100% of the trading volume for POA. Since it has been delisted, there is very little liquidity or trading options for the POA token.

Tracking varies between tracking services and is not likely accurate. Volume is very low and valuation may not reflect actual trade value or ability to trade.Primary price aggregators are here for reference.

What is POA20 on Ethereum?

POA20 is an ERC20 equivalent of POA that is on Ethereum rather than POA Network. There is a swapping application available for POA20 at https://poa-to-stake.poa.network/, select Ethereum network in the dropdown.

What is the POA contract address?

POA does not have a contract address, it is the native token on the POA network (like ETH is the native token on Ethereum). To send, you need to be on the POA network. If you swap to xDai, it will be wrapped POA (WPOA) on the xDai chain.

The address for WPOA on xDai is 0x9fe3864F9Ae7cfb5668Dae90C0e20c4C3D437664

How do I add WPOA to my wallet view on xDai?

Here we use Metamask as an example.

  1. Switch to the xDai Network (How to add xDai network to your MetaMask)

  2. Go to Assets

  3. Press Import Tokens

  1. Add the WPOA Token Contract Address 0x9fe3864F9Ae7cfb5668Dae90C0e20c4C3D437664The remaining info should autopopulate.

  2. Press Add Custom Token.

You should now see WPOA along with your balance.

  1. Press Import Tokens to finalize

  2. You will now see the amount of WPOA in your balance

How can I get xDai to complete a transaction?

You can get some at the community faucet at https://xdai-app.herokuapp.com/faucet

Can I trade POA for USDT or another token?

Not directly, but through the swap process you can transform POA into STAKE on xDai. On xDai, there are a number of DEXS where you can trade for other tokens like WBTC, WETH, USDC and many others.

Once you have Stake, visit decentralized swap options including Sushiswap, Honeyswap, Swapr and more. See the complete list.

If you prefer, you can bridge STAKE from xDai to Ethereum using the OmniBridge and trade there. However, note that there will be gas fees on Ethereum to complete the transfer. Depending on congestion, these can run into the hundreds of dollars. So plan accordingly if you want to move funds to Ethereum.​

Remember, do not send STAKE on xDai directly to your CEX wallet unless it is AscendEx. Other CEXs do not support STAKE on xDai, and you can lose your funds.

What can I do with my STAKE?

Once you receive STAKE on xDai from the swap, there are many options. Checkout the stake token website for details at https://www.staketoken.net/

  1. Send to ASCENDEX. This is the ONLY CEX (Centralized Exchange) that supports STAKE on xDai.

  2. Stake it on POSDAO. If you have more than 200 Stake, you can use the staking application to stake it on POSDAO and earn rewards as a delegator.

  3. Farm it on DEXs: You can lock stake into various protocols (you may also need another token to lock a pair of pool assets) and earn farming rewards. Examples include agave, sushiswap, Sushiswap, Honeyswap, Swapr and more.

  4. Trade it for other tokens: Use the same DEXs on xDai to trade STAKE.

  5. Bridge to Ethereum: You can bridge STAKE to Ethereum using the Omnibridge. Once on Ethereum, you can trade or send to supported CEXs.

If you trade STAKE for other tokens on xDai, DO NOT send them directly to your CEX wallet or you can lose access. You will still need to bridge them to Ethereum before sending to an Ethereum-supported CEX.

How can I use Trust Wallet?

Trust wallet does not work well with the bridge and swap DApps, and we we recommend transferring from Trust Wallet to MetaMask to complete these operations (send from Trustwallet to a MetaMask address you control).

However, some users have accidentally sent POA to a POA ERC20 address on Trustwallet.In the Trust Wallet interface, it is possible to add the POA Network and POA ERC20 to the same Multiwallet. Under the hood, these have different addresses for receiving tokens.

Some users have accidentally sent funds to the POA20 address rather than the POA network address. In this case, you will not see the POA in your wallet.

These funds are recoverable. You will need to export the wallet where you sent the POA and import into Metamask.

Export Address from your Trust Wallet

The following method uses an online site to derive a private key. If you prefer to do the process offline, go to https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the instructions.

To start, you will need your Mnemonic phrase. Since there can be multiple addresses connected to 1 phase, you will use the phrase to find the correct address. Access your Trust wallet mnemonic phrase here.

1) Go to the mneumonic code converter site and enter the phrase in the BIP39 Mnemonic field.

2) Select ETH in the coin dropdown (if you sent POA to a POA20 address). If you sent to a regular POA address select POA in the Coin field to export that address.

3) Scroll down to the Derived Addresses section to find your 0x address & private key. The first address listed should be the same address where you sent POA. Copy the Private Key.

If the first derived address is not correct, please check the mnemonic phrase and coin fields (Coin field should be ETH if you sent to a POA20 address, or POA if you sent to a POA address).

4) Install MetaMask browser extension and select Import Account. Paste in the private key and click Import.

5) Add POA Network to your Metamask.

You should now see the POA you sent in your MetaMask wallet. Proceed with the swap instructions!

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