POA Mania

A no-loss lottery where POA hodlers can win an extra slice of POA Pie 🥧. Emission fund rewards are distributed to the winners every round. Featuring:

  • 🏆 3 winners per round. Rounds close daily.

  • 🎆 Each round, 15% of prize pool is added to an ongoing jackpot. There is a 1% chance of winning the jackpot per round.

  • 💰 Prizes based on emission funds independent of the amount in the pool.

  • Close a round, win POA.

  • 🎲 On-chain, decentralized randomness decides the winners.

🎲 POA Mania

POA Mania is currently available on POA core and the Sokol testnet. We are using the new RANDAO-based randomness contracts to support this decentralized, no-loss, on-chain lottery.

POA Core:


Sokol Testnet:

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