Getting Started
Download the Chrome extension to start using Nifty Wallet
1) Install the plugin for your browser. The app is compatible with Chrome and Brave browser
Compatible with Google Chrome v59.0.3071.115 or later.
2) Click on the purple app icon in your browser toolbar to open. Accept Terms of Use.
Purple icon in top right opens the terms of use
3) Create a new vault or import an existing vault (called a DEN) which will hold all of your wallet information.
    Create New
      Enter a secure password, save in a secure location.
    Restore from previous Nifty vault
      Click Import Existing DEN.
      Enter the 12 word phrase from your previous wallet.
      Create a new password and save in a secure location
4) Copy your seed words and store in a secure location.
5) Your wallet is ready to use! Below are some config and interaction options.
1) Change the account name: hovering over the current name (Account 1), click edit, change name and click save.
2) Address interaction - brings up a menu with several options.
    View on block explorer: Opens account address in BlockScout
    Show QR Code
    Copy address to clipboard
    Export Private Key: Enter password to export
3) Dropdown to switch the chain/network. Nifty includes support for:
    POA Core
    xDai Chain
    Main Ethereum Network
    Ethereum Classic
    RSK Mainnet
    Gorli Testnet
    Kovan Testnet
    Sokol Testnet
    Rinkby Testnet
    Ropsten Testnet
    Any Custom RPC
4) Account dropdown
    Create Account
    Import Account: Can choose Private Key, JSON File, Contract, or Proxy Contract
    Connect a Hardware Wallet: Ledger and Trezor Support
5) Settings
    Settings: Ability to change Conversion, State Logs, Reveal Seed Phrase, Switch to a Decentralized Provider (Pocket), and change the account password.
    Info/Help (Shows current version)
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