POA Token Supply

POA emission schedule and current supply

Current Total Supply

Currently, 2 POA tokens are added per block. Each block is generated with an average time of 5 seconds, resulting in 6,307,200 blocks per year and an additional 12,614,400 POA tokens added to the total token supply per year.

Check the endpoint below for the up-to-date supply.

Current Total Supply is available here: https://blockscout.com/poa/core/api?module=stats&action=ethsupply

Note: Total supply includes 18 digits following the decimal place, so a value of 270857883503408058000000005 corresponds to 270,857,883.503408058000000005

How Supply is Derived

Currently, 2 POA are created per block. At the onset of the network, the initial supply was 252,460,800 POA and 1 POA was created per block. Since November 2018 (Block 5329160), the POA emission fund was activated and an additional 1 token created per block.

  • For every block, 1 new POA token is created and distributed to the validator responsible for sealing that block. The sum of the total blocks created to date = the amount of POA created as validator rewards.

  • Since block 5329160, and additional 1 POA token is created per block and sent to the emission fund contract. Currently, the POA Foundation is set as the receiver of the emission fund.

A total of 1,550,643 POA Tokens were burned when validators voted to burn the 3rd emission fund. More information available here.

An amount of POA are locked in the POA20 bridge contract. This is related to circulating supply rather than total supply, and does not impact the current total supply amount. This amount is available here.

Initial Supply

POA's initial token supply at Core network launch was 252,460,800 POA. 70% of total POA was reserved for the presale, and the remaining 30% reserved for Founders, Foundation/Legal and Partners/Advisors.

  • 70% or 176,722,560 POA reserved for the token sale, all tokens were sold during the presale in 58 seconds.

  • 20% or 50,492,160 POA reserved for Founders/Foundation/Legal. Initial lock for six months and released over two years. This amount will be completely unlocked on December 15, 2019.

  • 10% or 25,246,080 POA reserved for Partners and Advisors of POA Network.

See the whitepaper for more information on POA token supply and emission mechanics.