Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

POA20 can be used with DeFi applications on the Ethereum Mainnet

While POA resides on the POA Network, most large-scale decentralized finance applications are only accessible on the Ethereum mainnet. To access these services, POA can be bridged to POA20 and used on the mainnet.

DeFi Use Case: POA20 as Loan Collateral on EthLend

EthLend is a crypto-lending marketplace where users can provide one asset as collateral and receive another asset as a loan. POA20 can be used as a collateral token to receive a loan in Ether, Dai, or another token you would like to borrow.

A user can select the loan duration and interest payments, then track the loan through the dashboard. See the tutorial below for information on how to setup and account and initiate a loan with POA20.