Prior and Upcoming Events

POA Core Istanbul Network Upgrade (Hard Fork)

December 19 2019

Two weeks following the Sokol upgrade, POA core will upgrade to Istanbul.

Hard Fork Details

Sokol Istanbul Network Upgrade (Hard Fork)

December 5 2019

The Sokol testnet will be upgraded to Istanbul. Istanbul has been running on the Kovan testnet since October 13 without issue.

Hard Fork Details

ETC Summit

October 3 2019

1133 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3T3, Canada

POA will be back at the ETC Summit for the second time, where Andrew Gross will be presenting contributions to the ETC ecosystem including the ETC Bridge and BlockScout.

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September 20 2019

Conference Hall Oasis, Kyiv

Igor Barinov, tech lead of of POA Network and creator of xDai Stable Chain, will be leading the technical stage in the BlockchainUA conference talking about derivatives based on Dai and how xDai fits in there

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DeFi St.Petersburg

September 13 2019

St. Petersburg, Prospect Medikov, house 3, lit. BUT

Igor Barinov, will be in St.Petersburg on September 13th, at the first first meeting of the DeFiRussia community in St. Petersburg. The talk and demo will be all about Derivatives based on stable Dai cryptocurrency, and will include a demo of an example chain will consider the chain ETH -> WETH -> PETH -> DAI -> cDai -> rDai -> xDai -> WxDai

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